10 Things:「Solstice」

A PV project is never a straight-forward task. But when the props are kept after the show, some memories still linger for the deserved audience.

Here are 10 things about「Solstice」(Hanyu: Bāi xŭe dū shì) …

1. Music, Lyrics and Arrangement were completed in One Day (17 hours).

2. A total of 5 Musical Keys were used.

3. All instruments, except synth strings, were recorded ‘live’.

4. Most of Ms Juliet Pang’s chosen shots were done off-take.

5. Sherman’s vocal shots were done at the rooftop.

6. Sherman’s solo ‘Garden’ shots were completed in a different session from the group shots.

7. After rejections by several animators, the CGI Snowflakes were pieced together by the Manafumi team.

8. The Downtown Metro Line was under construction in Bugis at the period.

9. The Rochor Flats were shot in B/W instead to show the greyness in parts of the song’s content.

10. The Snow Globe was a latter choice; the first was a kinetic crystal ball.