A Warm Nest: Grooming

After a modest but good-feel Album Launch attended by family and close friends, my engine was slightly warmed and informed on the tour that will lie ahead: very possibile occasional bumps (ie. schedule conflicts, equipment fallout etc.), energy and cash draining rehearsals and performances, and probably just lots of silence and/or jeers from the audience (in the form of “WTH is that White Guy performing on stage??).

All these CAN happen even with enjoyable and synergetic performances. And I am sure no stranger to bad turnouts and awkward rapport with unfamiliar faces. Or so I was expecting from a Green Light to perform at one of the up-and-coming bookstore cafe in town. I haven’t been performing for a while now, at least not like many of my excellent ex-classmates who are now known faces in the local music scene at least. Comfortably confined in cafes, libraries (not any more after local libraries began discouraging students from using power outlets), parks and forest, I was feeling more like a Composer peddling my work.

Yea. But this was no time for cold-footing. Knew I have to get passed these demons, if not for myself, for the sake of everyone else: Nick, who had graciously welcomed me to jam on this set, Marcus & Jeremy whom were kind enough to lend a hand on this short but late 15min Gig, and of course, The Pigeonhole: a latest haven for singer-songwriters to showcase original works. If you’d read the previous post, you would know how grateful musicians in this tiny metropolis can be if they can have a platform to simply showcase their very own works.

So thank you, everyone who came to watch us, or were just there to offer a listening ear. You’ve been one of the best audience we’ve ever had, and I know I’ll remember this first night at The Pigeonhole for years to come.