Doing a track like「Berbunga」needs both your left-brain and right-brain.

You need to be creative; a right-brain issue i supposed. And why so? Because this set-up is not your usual jam-band thing, BUT you still wanna bring out the infectious atmosphere that celebrates the sounds of this colourful part of our world in the Malay archipelago. AND you still need to make it sound groovingly pop.

The left-brain part is about organising. You need that Mozart element in all musicians to power your brain like a Logic Studio Pro™ software, or a least something of a GarageBand™ standard, to arrange all that unique mallet sounds, with the compulsory Bass and Guitar, at the same time, turn the Pandeiro (brazilian tambourine) into a one-man percussion machine.

And then, you have to use the fusion of both sides to convince and inspire your maestro friends to play for you, the facilitators to give you the green light to use their instruments, and the tenacity to finish your project on time. And within budget (you do know that making music should involve money, donʼt you?)

Wait a second. Before you think it ends there, there is still the post editing stages. But seeing that this really is a section for Melvin, I encourage you to follow up his musical travels at https://vimeo.com/betaphats/videos. Because I donʼt even know where to start on this incredible discourse … …

My biggest thanks goes to the Berbunga Band that makes it all possible. Thank you Marcus Tang for our enduring Bass recording sessions. Itʼs good to get our groove back after 2 years of hiatus from college. Thanks to the ever loud Sister Mary (Leow Peiyu) on her bright-sounding mallets that had inspired me to write the song in the first place. Very Big TK to my iconic abang RidUuan Zalani for the one and only pandeiro grooves that motivated me to complete this work.

Special thanks to my dear friend and classmate Lynnette Tan for engaging Ping Yi Secondary School for the mallet recordings. Special thanks to Madame Shanti for magnanimously granting the sessions and Ms Joyce Goh for co-ordinating them.

Of course, this track cannot be possible without your extraordinary bro, Melvin Ong (aka. Betaphats) co-producing the track at all ends. Again, please do follow his music travels to see his incredible growth as probably the next big producer ever to emerge from our metropolitan island city.

I would also like to pay tribute to my shifuMr Lindsay Vickery, for always encouraging me to think out of the box each time I have to write something new, and never to settle for anything mundane in the world of music.

Lastly, thanks to all my Indonesian and Malaysian Sisters, Brothers and Students. You are the reason why the we make Berbunga happen for you all.

Terima Kasih dari hati kami. 

- originally published: 9th November 2010