In the weekend before the release of Equinox, I was invited to the annual award show hosted by COMPASS (abv: Composers and Authors Society of Singapore). Quite a timely invitation, I thought it was the perfect gathering of friends, all of whom are music makers in their own right, to come together, reviewing the efforts of the past year and maybe even forge some new ideas for collaboration with one another.

Of course, it was still rightfully an awards ceremony, and we would be coming together to celebrate peers, seniors and juniors whom were honoured for their service to the Singapore Music Industry. The recipient list, as well as the guest list, was long, hinting a presentation that would drive into an hour just before midnight. To this, an 8-course banquet, 2 lucky draws and complimentary door gifts were served up to keep the attendees’ (that’s us) interest high throughout the evening.

With close to 80 tables set up for the event, it did rest on luck to meet and greet all them wonderful music-pals attending the banquet. Still it was all smiles to learn that many are still active in their musical craft, and some even brewing a new album and/or concert in the horizon. The lament would always be, “It’s so hard to do music here.” And then, in the end, we still ended up doing it anyway, mostly because we are so in love with doing it.

At least for me, there was no other way.