Day 02 – 2012

My Day 1 of 2011 was spent in front of this screen, the fingers clicking and padding away the bits of what would become the PV for「Solstice」. Frankly it wasn’t my idea of the best activity you could be doing as the ticking hands meet at midnight. The superstition here is that, whatever you were doing in the 24 hours of the first day of the year, you would spend the important days of the coming year doing the same.

Still, it was that, or no PV for this new year. Sure, it probably would not matter to half the people who will never read these blog posts. But I was doing it, not only for you who are reading this right now, but also to, of course, the people involved in making this project happen in the first place. It’s called “Artist’s Promise” or “Artist’s Pride”, whichever you like.

Today marks Day 2 of the Next Year. New Year Eve this time around wasn’t Project Hour, but nevertheless, an actual countdown featuring some of my best musician friends at work. Poppers and Balloons to an Orchestral Beat surely provided a stark contrast to the beach parties and casino countdowns that are more common in this metropolitan island today. Granted, we weren’t holding a ticket to the Vienna Philharmonic, of course. But I’d rather be here than anywhere else when the years changed hands. It was a first for me.

I realised I missed work. Not the 9-5 sort of work that I have resigned from ever since I reset my musical life, that’s for sure. It’s just that: there’s something nerdily attractive about enjoying the art coming to life when the audience are not looking. It’s a personal thing that only the creator or practitioner can know as he/she engages 1 on 1 with the song, script or screen. It’s the heart of the performer in the height of practice and the composer, at the heart of creation.

It’s a love-and-hate thing; doing every thing is annoyingly tiring, and yet, it keeps you focused. These tasks you cannot shake off, the images stuck in your head, and the memories and histories that cannot be erased. What an eye-opener for the Witness, whether he/she likes the role, or not.

2012 will be a Great Year, People. Not a wish, nor a resolution. It’s a Promise to do the Best, always. Or it can be the Pride in doing so. Whichever way you like it. See you in our Songs, and See you, in our Stories.

- Dedicated to the Cast of「Solstice」: