OOOMing Live!

Friday night came and went. Honestly, for a 15 min gig, I personally felt that anything more than 2 sessions of practice would seem to be a tad too much. Of course, you can never be over-prepared. Performing live shouldn’t be something taken for granted, even by a most experienced artiste: what would your audience think?

My audience that night were a comfortable mix: there were friends and fans who came down just to support a 15 min segment, diners sitting at the resident restaurant’s exterior (OOOM was an outdoor event), and the budding songwriting teams who presented their originals on this iconic monthly event. Well, maybe really ‘iconic’ in Singapore’s context, coz we ain’t many of these voluntary shows round town. Mixture of shy, apathetic or just plain boredom in a perceived general consensus towards local music here from the local audience, I guess.

Which is why this monthly thingy is quite a feat in itself: especially because it takes place in this Singapore we live in. It may not be the coolest thing on a Friday night, but it’s the window to the world below the stage for the songwriter who wants her or his voice to heard. There are so many psychological barriers to this. I wonder if bankers, lawyers and politicians understand it. But then, I may not be fair to them if I claim to understand what they have to endure everyday too.

I could put it into a song. You judge.

Special thanks to Jeremy who devoted his time to play for my first show ever as a Featured Artist, live, and of course, Jonathan who made all these possible to us music makers every 1st Friday of the month.