This Man is Zennon Goh

The man on the left is Mr Zennon Goh. For those of you who hang around the youth belt at Orchard Road during lunch time, you may just be lucky enough to see him making his way into the Scape building and passing the glass doors that ‘point the way to music fame’. For those of you who now find him familiar, you may have recalled surely seeing him during impressionable music performances where the artistes of Ocean Butterflies are projected a little more glamourously through the very clean music mixes for which they could place their vocals upon.

Almost everyone of the few who dwell in the music scene of this Southern Metropolis knows well enough that he represents a standard in music making here: a slate of clean mixes and productions, magnifying the messages of the songwriters who had entrusted him with their works. The divas and divos whom have had the fortune to hear their voices completed by him (and also those who were grateful to have their less than stellar performances repaired accordingly), know that he is the one man that must be engaged if they are serious about pursuing their quest for musical perfection.

And those who are on the other, and yes much bigger, Mandarin Music Markets, know that it is with people like him that this Small but Sunny island of musicians cannot be ever ignored. For because of we, they can never really monopolise Chinese Pop Music.

For people who have had the chance to learn close to all they must know about making music from him, he is the footsteps that they have sought, followed and chased after, an old reminder that speaks very objectively, that before we desire that gift of flight, the most important part about getting to your destination, is still to walk sturdy, and enjoy the journey.

The winner of the 2011 Wings of Excellence award: This Man, is Mr Zennon Goh.