Transitions: Before a Goodbye

It’s been a while since I’ve left any digital prose on the web. I thought I would now, not only as a form of “Tadaima” (trans. I’m here/I’m back), but also as a form of “Sayonara" (trans. goodbye).

It’s been a good 4 years of learning and posting (the last 2 years being quieter though). Going through this invisible tunnel of time, it would suffice to say that I’ve had no idea on how I have been changing as I was walking through it: the many different people that I’ve met along the way, the ecstasies and heartbreaks, and of course, the uncountable variety of songs, poems and stories that litter the path made by ourselves, sometimes, too spontaneously.

It’s like flying into turbulence, coming out of it, and turning back to see what that was all about, but finding nothing. Nothing has changed, really. Nothing except the heart, maybe. 

Chronicling and fusing the inspired sounds from all over the world, I have learnt that the power of cultural preservation has been overrated. Reviving culture is not as easy as it seems, even with decrees and incentives in place. And it’s a good thing. Art is, after all, personal to the individual; influences by corps and monopolies can only do so much to so many people. The more a thinking and feeling individual you are, the more you are honest to what speaks to you, and what doesn’t. That’s when you leave the masses, or lead them your way.

I am very happy to live in a time where many can access to almost any artwork, made by almost anyone, that can inspire almost any person around the world. It took me rounds of tempering, reinvestigating, and much voyaging to find out why. It took me a project, and maybe some of the best years of my life. The knowledge behind this gratitude may be no different from yours, but my heart certainly is.

The pleasure is mine, but these gifts are for you. As I move towards the next project, I will continue to leave the fruits and inspirations of the Equinox sessions here for the curious ones to tinker, the new friends to discover, and all to savour. World Music, and the World of Music are so much greater than even imagination itself sometimes. This is my take on it. If you can, I look forward to see how you can sing or write a page for it too. - Taipei | 2015, Summer