The Equinox Project began as a journey to explore music making processes of different musical traditions. The initial ideal was to understand them, to rethink them, and to fuse them with one another before documenting them on record. The trick was to present new styles and genres that would be relevant to the listeners of today and tomorrow, while keeping a grateful ear on our colourful past.

The Next Part of this process is bringing the album to fruition while dealing with real world problems. This include budget constrains, scheduling difficulties, (sudden) breakdowns of equipment and facilities, and cultural barriers during tours, amongst others. These are the priceless knowledge and experience I seek to share with students and participants.

As a Music Mentor,
I give lessons on vocals, violin and wooden flutes.
Syllabuses are unique to my classes, spanning Classical, Pop, and Folk,
Or they can be tailored to suit your individual Goals.

As a Language Worker, I teach English, Japanese, French and Mandarin.
Students usually come to me for proficiency exam tutorials.
There are also those who want to learn creative writing in another language.
I also translate and interpret for Researchers, Authors, and Musicians.

As a Lecturer, I share with participants my multi work experience.
I cover topics such as Art Entrepreneurship and Management.
My talks usually end with a workshop where participants become brave enough
To interact with schoolmates or colleagues whom they had never done so in real life.

As a Consultant, I help artists plan projects and build companies.
I also help Business People get the artists and the art they need.

For more info, you can find my full resume here: